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 Dressed Chickens

In broiler farms , different varieties of chicken are bred to meet the taste and requirements of the customer. We provide chicken varaity cut as per this:
  1. With skin
  2. Without skin
  3. Tandoor
  4. Fillet ( breast & leg boneless )
  5. Lollypop
  6. Whole leg
  7. Drumstick
  8. Winglets
  9. Gizzard and liver
  10. Pet feast

Processing plant

The birds are dressed on the conveyor through all the important stages of processing such as stunning, halal, hot water scalding, de-feathering, and chilling .


Outlets for Tender Chicken Supplied by Us, We follow the Halal Cut Proceedure 



 Feed is designed in a very professional manner for the healthy growth of the chick so that it has the immunity to withstand any kind of diseases.


Tender chicken and live bird both are suppling by us , it matches the requirements of all the customers Bulk Orders